Our roots in a Muslim world

After 50 years of presence in Norway, the Little sisters close their community. To celebrate and thank God for all the tiny seeds sown in the ground a long standing friend decided to organize a study day for lay people with the aim of exploring how the spirituality of Brother Charles speaks to the lay person in today’s world. Jan Erik who organized the day commented, ‘Your absence will be filled by the heritage you leave us, a spirituality received by lay people in a special way, living the hidden life of Nazareth in a secularized world, in today's deserts.

Little sister Gabrielle Yvette in speaking about 'our roots in a Muslim world', gave the background to our 'Nazareth vocation'.

Sidi Boujnan Touggourt 1939Sidi Boujnan Touggourt 1939

It was colonial times and Little sister Magdeleine was of the race of the colonisers. She began alone, deep in the Sahara among nomadic people, wanting to follow Brother Charles' way. She tells of her discovery: 'In that extraordinary period of my life I saw that friendship and love can coexist with differences of race, culture and social condition. There was so much love and trust between us that I think I could never experience anything quite like it again.'

A life of friendship with Jesus, a life of friendship with people, especially the poor, those looked down on: this is the path of contemplation that Little sister Magdeleine offers us. This experience left its imprint on the way our Community evolved. She was among Arab people, Muslims, who were colonized and poor. 'Human dignity is such a splendid thing,' she wrote. 'Respect is always the essential. It's easy to find generous love. The rare thing is a love that is considerate and respectful of every person.'