Heaven is me, you know

You just don't get it.
You think I am a God of judgment,
of punishment,
a God of vengeance and revenge,
that I, like you, pay back evil for evil
and create grief and woe
and in your Scriptures you even say so.
I do not hold that against you.
How could you guess?
How could you know?

I sent prophets
but even they could not fathom a God of love
and could not know
but, even so, there were, in their poetry and songs,
hints of my mercy, my fatherliness,
and even my motherliness,
and of the extent to which I would go
to win your hearts
to convince you of my love
to help you know.

But still you just didn't get it.
And still fear accompanies your thoughts of me.
But how could you know,
for one would expect a God to act so.

And so I came down
as gently as dew
poor and powerless
to walk with you
a tiny newborn
you could not fear,
ordinary, unrecognized
with smiles and tears

I wanted desperately for you to know
that I am not a God of punishment nor Creator of woe.
I do not pay back evil for evil.
It's just not so.

But no one got it then either.
I guess I came too poor, too hidden
too unknown.
So, after 30 years,
I left home
and spoke and taught and travelled around,
and clothed my words in flesh and bone.
I loved so indiscriminately
that I even broke the Law,
and so rendered good for evil
that I surrendered all.

It brought me to a cross
and I died here below,
not quite what one would expect of God,
I know.

I did not even fight death
nor treat it as a foe.
We simply travelled hand in hand three days
until God penetrated my emptiness
and I arose!

Where I have gone
you, too, may go
but don't expect me to be your judge
or condemn you.
You do that enough to yourself
and to one another,
you know.
Rather, I am the origin, companion,
and goal of your life's journey
and I am the road.

But I am also the blind alleys on your paths
and you've reached me
when you no longer know how to go.
All my roads and alleys lead to heaven,
but, do you know,
heaven is a person,
heaven is me,
you know.

Heaven is me, you know!Heaven is me, you know!