A Life that went beyond all Borders

Spiritual experiences

Little Sister Magdeleine's whole life was totally permeated by an immense desire for God who had taken her by the hand and whom she had followed...

'in what appeared to be the most complete obscurity and in the most disconcerting absence of human means, but in an unlimited confidence in the all-powerfulness of Jesus, the Master of the impossible.'

For her, the greatest pain was to be separated from God. In a letter to Father Voillaume she writes:

'Father, can you imagine how painful it is to be separated - if only by a veil - from the One whom you love. Oh! it is true I am with Him very often - and that is already a little of Paradise, but I would like to have everything...'

She would like all the barriers between her and Him to disappear...

'I cannot bear not to let Jesus pass, either from Him to me, or from me to others.'

Her spirituality and her inner journey as a Little Sister were marked by a profound encounter with the infant Jesus, an experience which took a great and intense place in her life. She did not know what to make of this experience, but she knew that a great transformation had taken place in her. The profound change that resulted lasted the rest of her life and she remained open to all that came to her from another world.

She kept this meeting in her heart like a great secret. Everything concerning her "supernatural" experiences were not to play any role in her exterior life. Totally permeable to the presence of Jesus, she kept to the end a certain reluctance to speak of her experiences of the supernatural world in order not to distinguish herself from others.

Opened by the great grace that had been given her, she remained all her life a woman living on the border of two worlds.

Sometimes she made allusions by speaking of a dream. But those allusions did not allow anyone to guess the extent of this experience. 

'The Little Jesus imposed himself on me. There was no miracle, believe me. If there had been, I would tell you now, at the end of my life. There was a very special dream, but anyone can have very beautiful dreams... '

Along with Little Sister Jeanne, Father Voillaume was the only one to be aware of it. She had confided her experiences to him out of obedience and this obedience was the exterior framework that counterbalanced the intensity of the interior flood.