A Life that went beyond all Borders

Little Sister Magdeleine had an unshakeable fidelity to the Church. So she suffered deeply from the limits that were imposed upon her. But she had endurance and she knew that resistance and borders are not insurmountable, even if it takes time. When it was proposed that she found two different congregations, one missionary and the other worker, she felt that the fundamental principle of the community was at stake. So she waited for the time to be ripe. And at the same time this opposition seems to have increased her strength tenfold. She said,

'I undertake a desperate struggle for the spirit of the Community'.
A journey of kindness, strength and perseverance in order to undermine the borders and end up by conquering them.

Little Sister Magdeleine maintained her ideal clearly, without compromise, and ceaselessly encouraged her Sisters:

'They will especially explain to you that your religious profession, your vows necessarily make of you a people set apart; and I will affirm to you that to the contrary your religious profession has consecrated you to all the members of the Body of Christ, to every human being, your brothers and sisters and His brothers and sisters'.

The Apostolic Visitation of 1960 brought her to the extreme limit of her strength and hope. The canonical Visitor demanded corrections in the Constitutions that could have completely altered the ideal of the Fraternity. When, after a year, nothing seemed humanly possible any longer, Little Sister Magdeleine placed all his corrections in a drawer and waited for the end of the Visit. An unbelievably sovereign gesture full of hope.

'So we decided to make a novena to the little Jesus like we had never done before... with a faith to move mountains and fill ravines.'