A Life that went beyond all Borders

1979 In a Peking Jewellery factory making friends1979 In a Peking Jewellery factory making friends

Where borders were insurmountable and where all her own capacities failed, she could hand everything over to the 'Master of the impossible' and trust that He would overcome them.

Thus the experience of borders was part of the fundamental experience of the life of Little Sister Magdeleine: like a mission entrusted to her, like a wound she bore. Her life was a life that involved borders, a life that was ceaselessly on the boundary, a life that went beyond all borders. She was sensitized to borders, and rendered others attentive to them. She approached borders, bore their weight along with others and sought the breaches through which they might be crossed.

With all her frailty she approached each border so that it could be surmounted from the other side.

'The Lord calls me to the other side of borders in order to answer to what seems to me to be an interior calling.'

In fact it was Jesus, the 'Master of the impossible' who overcame barriers or made Little Sister Magdeleine his instrument. Her particular sensitivity to borders is the expression of her confidence in Him.

Little Sister Magdeleine's experiences with all those borders marked her spiritual journey. During her struggle for the vocation of the Little Sisters they find expression in such key words as 'unity', 'universality', 'leaven in the dough'. Tirelessly she spoke of a boundless love which commits itself for people just as radically as it is rooted in God. She strove tirelessly to achieve this in her own life and thereby transform the reality.