Charles de Foucauld in 1904-1905

His Chapel

In his diary for July 1904 Charles describes how, during a prolonged halt in Touareg country, he built a little chapel out of branches, with a cross on top of it. Inside, he pitched a tent; and at one end of the chapel, a simple altar with a tabernacle on it. For him, this was hugely significant. The Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament was key.

“Sacred Heart of Jesus, thankyou for this, the first tabernacle in the lands of the Touareg ! May it be the first of many, and proclaim salvation to many souls ! Radiate out from this tabernacle on all those round about, people who surround you yet do not know you.” The radiant power of the Blessed Sacrament was, for him, almost physical. The overall impression you get from what Charles wrote at this time, and what other people wrote about him, is his intensity. His love for Jesus and his thirst to bring Our Lord to the Touareg, burned like a fierce fire.