The Circus and God's Creation

Little Sister Jo describes their life at the circus in a poem. '

Do you realize how the Circus speaks of God?

It was mid-season and it seemed we were living in a whirlwind. We were tired and complaining, saying:
 “We’re crazy to work so hard, to keep up such a pace. For what, anyway?”  When out of the whirlwind, God answered and said:

Who is this who speaks so?

Stand up and be questioned.

Do you realize how the circus speaks of God?

Where were you when I created light and darkness,

when I laid the foundation of the earth and spread out the firmament,

when I created light and stars?

Where were you when the living creatures came forth and animals and humans

lived in harmony and worked together?

You were not there and could not have known it.

So I inspired your forefathers and mothers

to create the circus!

A child comes out at dawn to watch the circus unfold,

and experiences in a few hours what unfolded billions of years ago

when I created the universe.

In the twilight of dawn, in that virgin point of time

between darkness and light, come children of all ages,

and as day bursts they see nothing but an empty field

still damp with the dew of darkness.