The Circus and God's Creation

There is a curtain in the temple separating this sacred space,

hiding ordinary life from our eyes for a few hours

Through it will step the priestly ringmaster.

musicians and the makers of wonder and mirth.

The worshippers are waiting anxiously for the service to begin,

with ritual foods and their programs in hand.

Now for a few hours a transformation takes place.

You, artists, and your audience are one.

When you let go of the trapeze bar and trust the catcher will catch you

do you realize your audience is letting go and trusting, too?

Perhaps they’ll one day do the same with me.

When you perform feats of balance and skill,

do you realize your audience is doing things

they never dreamed they could do before?

Perhaps they’ll realize

that if they have faith the size of a mustard seed

I, too, can help them do extraordinary things.