13th Station, Jesus is taken down from the Cross

Jesus is dead and Mary holds him in her arms. He is disfigured, inert and cold. Is this not the awful hour when all hope ends? Who could imagine Jesus no longer able to speak; Jesus no longer able to cheer his friends with a word or a look; Jesus no longer able to place his hands on the sick and heal them? Yet it is finished now. Those who remained to the end seek a place to lay his body. But with you Mary, faith and hope still keep watch. You know there is something you must await though all seems broken and shattered. Up to his last breath his followers thought he would save himself. Was he not life, as he had told them?

At those hours of our lives when Jesus seems dead, when everything appears hopeless, and we no longer understand, give us Mary the strength of your hope. Could it be that so often at such moments the light of life is waiting to break through at last.

Jesus, with all our strength, we ask you for the grace of hope, and for undoubting faith in your word.