11th Station, Jesus is nailed to the Cross

What words could describe what is happening now? You are hanging on the cross, nailed and helpless. Inexorably the end is drawing near. This then is the baptism you have desired with so great a desire. This is the hour you have so waited for. By giving the whole of your being in this way you are accomplishing at last the mystery for which you came: You are bringing life to all the people of the world. Lifted up, as you have said, you have begun to draw all things to you. Your mother and John have led the way. We too must allow ourselves to be drawn to the cross for it there that life, true life and life in fullness awaits us.

May we accept to be saved by the blood of Jesus and allow ourselves to be loved in this way; recoiling no longer, even unconsciously, before the knowledge that each in his turn is called to such love.