10th Station, Jesus is stripped of his garments

When we want to go and meet you, Jesus, often something goes wrong. We are hurt, there is an obstacle, a humiliation. We would have been ready, ready and anxious, so we believe, to welcome anything else, anything but what presents itself and it is precisely this unchosen chance to trust you, that we should be ready and anxious to welcome. We picture ourselves serving you in great deeds of courage, self giving and sacrifice, even in a heroic death; but you speak to us Lord of powerlessness, shame and scorn and having to approach the end of our lives seemingly reduced and naked, bruised and torn in the most secret parts of our being.

The garment we wear, this garment that so hampers our progress towards you, if only it were like a coat  put on in the morning and taken off at night! It binds us too tightly, it is stuck to our bodies. It was for this Lord, that you could not go to your death without your garments being stripped from you and torn from your wounded body.