3rd Station, Jesus falls the first time under his Cross

The redemption is too heavy a load for the body of a man. You have chosen to take on our human condition, having a body like ours and you have fallen under the weight. Already you rise to your feet and go on. You bear within you the strength of God,  the strength of infinite love.

To fall, to be weak of body and spirit are common experiences. But something we should learn, one of the first things we should learn, as we struggle behind you, and which we find so difficult, is that our cross consists above all else in knowing how to accept our falls, and then to stand up again and go on with our lives without turning back.

Jesus, we beg you, never allow us to dispair. Help us to walk with confidence and when you lift us up anew help us to see that all that matters is the love in our efforts to start afresh.