1st Station, Jesus is condemned to death

You have told them that you are the Son of God and it is for that that you stand condemned. Who was concerned to know if what you said was true? The world of the divine and the world of the human have been brutally confronted. Your fidelity to the truth of your Being, confronts all that blocks our hearts to your truth. Here we witness the imperialism of the rulers, the implacable pharisaism of the doctors of the law and of the scribes, the harsh nationalism of the chiefs of Israel, and the cowardice of the nameless crowd. They were bound to try you, bound to sentence you to death and get you out of the way.

Face to face as we are with the solicitations and contradictions of  materialism, nationalism, immorality, egoism and hostile judgents in the world today, grant us to remain faithful, even to the point of death to the truth and purity of your image in us as the Son of  God.