Letter to Maria Chiara from the Congregation of Religious after her nomination as Superior General

The Little Sisters of Jesus desire to remain close to the poorest peoples, those in precarious situations of economic and political insecurity. We are very grateful to you, as much for the acts of charity, faith and hope which you thus accomplish, as for the sensitive duties of discernment and prudence which the Responsibles must exercise.

It is also within your Institute that you encounter the often unpleasant face of poverty, and the multiple challenges connected to living in community. Take it to heart to preserve unity in charity, with respect for cultural and personal diversity, as your Foundress Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus, so often encouraged you to do.

You also demonstrate real concern for the formation of your Sisters. We encourage you particularly in this direction. While daily life in proximity to your brothers and sisters in humanity remains the privileged place for formation of your heart and soul, times and places specifically consecrated to formation are equally indispensable. We thank you especially for paying particular attention to forming responsibles, and we encourage you to make the investment in personnel necessary to do it well. This is what will guarantee the future of your Institute and of the young women who knock at your doors.

     Wishing each of the Little Sisters the grace of being able to approach the Crib with a heart full of wonder, and of receiving the tiny Child Jesus from the hands of Mary, his Mother, I remain devotedly yours in our Redeemer,

Joseph W. Tobin, C.Ss.R Secretary Archbishop


Little Sister MARIA-CHIARA OF JESUS General Responsible Little Sisters of Jesus Via de Acque Salvie, 2 00142 Roma