Part of our History: First steps in the life of a Little sister: Paloma in Murcia


I want to share with you about my discoveries and life as a postulant in Murcia...

"I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and I mil be healed. " It's the Gospel for today. From the time I arrived at Murcia, each day really, Jesus gave me a word, only a word, a little detail, a little sign, to make me feel that the choice and the change of life that I made was worth it, and to make me say as well: This little sign that You, Jesus, give me is sufficient and it fills my life with meaning. Like the notes of a very beautiful melody, I hear— and with it I can sing, like Mary: "The Lord has done marvels in me..." The notes of this melody come to me in different places, as with different families of instruments. The places are:


I had the opportunity to share the same conditions of the most poor and marginal of our society: looking for work, distributing ads, cleaning in a hotel and in the hospital cafeteria, and now working in a bakery.

The world of the homeless and prisoners:

I have many friends who ask for money, who sleep in the street, who play an instrument to earn a living, who come from other countries to seek out possibilities to live better. I also have several friends in prison, and I can say: Thank you, Lord, to give me these friends who help me, with whom I can sing^ who teach me and accompany me on my journey to You.

The Community:

I can sense that we are walking together in the footsteps of Jesus. It's the entire community that accompanies me, that helps me discover the charism of the Little Sisters and helps me deepen it, that makes the journey with me, that helps me to seek and find a balance between it all and to reflect on how everything I live is a part of my formation. I feel at home and in my family. Thank you so much!


I can feel the Love of Jesus and to what extend it's for Him that I am here. I try each day to live the Gospel and want it to be a reality in my life, in my daily living—trying to live as Jesus at Nazareth, a hidden life in the last corner of the world, in Murcia, where no one wants to live—and all that because Jesus loves me, loves us. Each day, I can say to Him: I want to follow You. I want to move ahead, step by step, along the paths that You give me in the Community. It's you, Lord, who, with all that and with all of us, makes music. And I can say THANK YOU VERY MUCH because I feel happy about all that I can live and feel. We are your instruments. I want to let You do what You want in me and with me. I can only say: One word is enough.