From Jesus Caritas Trial Issue 1958. The greatest Commandment

Jesus Caritas October 1958Jesus Caritas October 1958

If the theme of the following texts is that of - fraternity or fraternal love rather than friendship, it is simply because Father de Foucauld, who wished to be a " universal brother ", goes back to the ultimate reason for charity : the fact that we are all brothers and sisters in God. There is no real difference, however, and whether we in the Association speak of fraternal love or friendship or the gift of friendship, as does this issue of " Jesus Caritas ", what we mean is Christian charity — but the real kind of Christian charity, which is universal by definition.

The " gift of friendship " suggests no pale imitation, no insipid, sentimental charity emptied of its proper substance. It suggests something alive : a self-giving love. The meditations of Father de Foucauld say just this, emphasizing as they do the affection and thoughtfulness which we must use with the very humblest, because we are bound to recognize Jesus in them.