Butare, our Rwandan Noviciate

Butare is a rural area where it is sometimes hard for people to earn a living. As our house is a bit bigger we often have a noviciate - Little sisters training for their life in the community - and the novices can work on the farm where we grow bananas and vegetables and look after the cows. We find many little jobs in contact with others and where we can build up the dignity of one another.

Two of us work at a psychiatric center with the Brothers of Charity.

Marcelline and novicesMarcelline and novices

Little sister Marcelline spent a year with us in England and now we are very happy to share her greetings from the noviciate!

Dear Friends,

Wishing you all a very happy New Year from our noviciate in Butare! We pray that the little one of the crib will visite your hearts and that he will bring you Joy and Peace.

In the picture you can see us with our two shepherds pealing newly harvested beans. In our country this means we have had a good season. God has blessed us with rain, and we thank him.

While we thank him we also pray for peace for our neighbours in nearby Goma and throughout the world.

All of us here, the youth, the novices and the Community of Butare, we all send our love.

Baking togetherBaking together