Letters from Maria Chiara and her council to the Little sisters

Infant Jesus in red clayInfant Jesus in red clay

This is the first letter from Maria Chiara the recently elected General sister in charge of the Little sisters of Jesus during their international Chapter of September 2011.

Dear Little Sisters,

To communicate a Chapter we need more than words we need the breath of the Spirit.

From all our continents, from the variety of our situations, one word welled up spontaneously from our hearts: “Bethlehem”...both a Land and a Body of flesh and blood with whom we are so familiar and which express with strength this period of fragility: that of our Community, of the world and of the Church.

Bethlehem...a gift for us today It is not the promise of an easy future or a naive confidence in the progress of humanity but a power that draws strength from the source of Life. It enables us to live our unresolved human situations, the insoluble tensions and contradictions, the different stages of birth or of death and the quests that fascinate us as being expressions of the one mystery of Life. We will be able to live this mystery with a confident and burning love for Jesus and our world, unafraid of being and becoming ever more the poor people God calls us to be.

Entrance to the Grotto of BethlehemEntrance to the Grotto of Bethlehem

When we were celebrating the 70 years of our Community in Touggourt Little Sister Jeanne said to me, “In my time we found the right words to express this.  Now it is your turn to find them.” Let us find the words to announce Bethlehem today, the gentle light of a Land and of a Child”.

In order to enter and exit the Basilica of the Nativity, just as at the Holy Sepulchre you need to bend down and go through the door of 'Humility'.