Pope Francis visits the Fairground workers in Ostia

On the 3 May 2015, Visit of Pope Francis to the little sisters at the Parcolido Amusement Park in Ostia

Our game 'Noah's Ark', on the fairgroundOur game 'Noah's Ark', on the fairground On the campsiteOn the campsite Pope Francis visits our caravanPope Francis visits our caravan He goes straight to the little chapel hidden at the backHe goes straight to the little chapel hidden at the back He blesses the childrenHe blesses the children He is just so happy to be among his people!He is just so happy to be among his people!

"At the last minute, just a little more than an hour before his arrival in Ostia, the head of Vatican Security came to tell us that Pope Francis wanted to make a short visit to Lunapark! The fact that there are just ten trailers all close together on a small parcel of land with a barely noticeable little door exiting onto the road, and the fact that we have a chapel in our trailer convinced him.

A very unsuspecting and joyful crowd surrounded Pope Francis when he got out of the car as it was not the planned route! Then, once he came through the little door, he was warmly welcomed by the families who work at this little amusement park, most of whom have been working at fairs of some sort all their lives! He hugged and blessed a neighbour who is expecting a baby, and blessed the baby in her womb as well. And he hugged, caressed, and blessed lots of the children, youngsters, fair ground families and their friends. It was very moving! Then he went into our chapel, prayed in silence, intensely and asking us to pray for him, and blessed the three of us. From the veranda and with noticeable affection he looked out over the little community of Lunapark, which represented everyone everywhere involved in fairs, carnivals, and amusement parks.

As for us, we had all our fair- ground friends in our hearts, those in big and little amusement parks and those travelling with much difficulty in Italy and throughout the world.