Pope Francis and Brother Charles, a question from Australia

An Australian priest asks Pope Francis:

In the midst of our busy world!In the midst of our busy world! « In a situation where secularisation is very strong, the church`s teaching is rejected by many.  My question is this: “How can you pass on the message of the Gospel in such an atmosphere where there is real opposition?  What is your secret?”

Francis replies:
     Throughout history and in various countries, the situation of Christians differs: They are ignored, despised...and with power and strength.  In many countries the situation is exactly like the one this priest has just described: a total secularisation where the Church is something that is meaningless.  To use a word which we have inherited from very strong positivism: the church is a sub culture.
     What can you do in this kind of a situation?  It`s very simple: Do not engage in proselytism!  Proselytism is a caricature of evangelisation.  Benedict XVI was very clear about that: “The Church doesn`t grow through proselytism but through attraction.”  That`s the word you need to take to reply to the question.  How can you attract?  Through the witness of the language of actions which awakens curiosity, because the Holy Spirit stirs the hearts of people to ask: “Why are you doing that?”  Why do you live on the basis of these 2 columns (on which Christianity depends) the Beatitudes and Matthew 25 which is the set of rules according to which we shall be judged.
     The trap we can fall into, and which we must avoid falling into is moralist preaching.  No!  What can you do in front of a society that is like that?  Allow the Spirit to act, he is the one who will awaken curiosity on the basis of the witness which we shall give.  This man or this woman is losing his life through being at the service of people that everyone despises.
     The language of action! And awaken curiosity that will push people into asking us what Peter writes in his epistle:  “What is the reason for your hope?”  ?Why are you doing that?”
     There is no other way.  Do not condemn anyone!  If your enemy does you wrong, do him good!  You meet someone on the road of life, in whatever situation you are, act like the Good Samaritain and allow the Holy Spirit to do the rest.
     Testimony!: be a witness!  Right now I have Charles de Foucauld in mind.  What did Charles de Foucauld give?  He gave testimony, a testimony that went beyond his life and today his spirit continues to act: Why did this man do that?  So many Christians, so many lay people live the Beatitudes, put into practice what Jesus taught, live the Gospel, the Gospel taken at its word.
     That is what I can say...and that is the leaven that the Holy Spirit will be able to use...But sorry, no proselytism...never!