Part of our History: A new Community in Ceuta on the African continent.

Ceuta mapCeuta mapFirst echoes from our new community:
"The welcome and all the gestures of friendship warm our hearts and give us much courage for remaining in a place like this, a place of brokenness and contrasts where we have been able to touch a little the suffering of migrants, Moroccan women, and many people. This means that we really do have a place here.
The paperwork has required a lot of effort! But one of us already had an interview for a job with a company where the boss was willing to hire her as soon as possible, and not onlyone of us but all three! We could really experience firsthand how high unemployment is here, as everywhere.
We went to the port of Ceti on the border where the prison is located, and we walked the streets to situate ourselves in this city. We feel very much at ease in our neighborhood which is very popular and very populated. Most of our neighbors are Muslim. We have just been here a short while but already some people recognize us. And we are able to call them by name: Ana, Rafa, Jimo, Ismael, Husein, Redda, Fati, Rauia, etc
For us, caring for and building relationships with our little sisters in Morocco is also very important! Living in a place where the barriers and the fences are so strongly evident, calls us to go beyond all borders!!!
Entry into CeutaEntry into CeutaWe are doing fine, are very very happy, and at the same time we carry in our hearts the weight of the reality that surrounds us. Making all these discoveries together is a blessing, and we await with impatience the arrival of a forth sister.
Ceuta, trading with MoroccoCeuta, trading with Morocco

The contacts and relationships are quite natural and easy to develop and we are able to experience this throughout each and every day. All it takes is a little hello or a smile to catch the eye of another person. We have been able to learn a bit of Arabic and this facilitates the contacts with a good number of people This morning at the border we were able to approach some women who had spent the night in cardboard boxes waiting to get across the border. A few words of Arabic opened their hearts to us.

In our own hearts, we have no other desire than to  live each day in greater inner freedom and docility  to the Spirit of love. We continue the journey together.