The Little sisters in Israel, Small steps towards peace

Different movements exist in Israel to promote peace and for encounter and understanding between Jews and Palestinian Arabs. For 3 years now, lsrs Myriam Elisabeth and Alessandra have participated in one such movement called Dharma which is of Zen Buddhist inspiration. The activists, that is those who have passed from non-violence to an engagement of solidarity for peace, are in contact with villagers from the Territories, and this friendship led them to become involved in the defense of their rights. El WalajaEl Walaja The first time, we went to El Walaja close to Beith Jala where the incomplete wall of separation passes through the middle of the village. We found ourselves faced with the reality which led them to begin the necessary judiciary procedures. Beith JalaBeith JalaThere are organized trips at least twice a year with the goal of helping the Israelis understand the complexity of the situation and to make known the life of the Palestinians under occupation. Without these organized trips we would not be able to go into these villages that are behind the barrier of separation with Israel.
Palestinian boys at Deir-istiyaPalestinian boys at Deir-istiyaLast September, there were about forty of us in the heart of Samaria at Deir Istiya, a village with Jewish settlements overhanging it. The day began with a time of meditation and silence for rethinking our attitude in front of the situation so that we are not just led by knowledge and compassion but also by commitment to a path of reconciliation. We had contact with a family that shared with us about their problems: the requisition of land for making a green zone brought with it the obligation of pulling up 1500 olive trees and sewer pipes emptying into the valley pollute the water used to water crops, etc.
It was the day before the olive harvest and several people in the group committed themselves to coming back to work with them for a few days. For the trip we were asked to dress in a way that would not shock the people. The noon meal was a meatless sandwich bought from the family who had prepared forty of them and a bottle of water as drink. At the end of the day we divided into groups of 15 plus one of the villagers and each person could express what he or she was feeling. The responsible told us, “We hope we have succeeded in helping you understand that we can overcome the walls that have been built between Israelis and Palestinians. Breaking down the walls can lead to ‘another and better reality’”.
In the Country of darkness, I will be a pilgrim of the light...
On the dead end path, a pilgrim of the future.
(prayer of the Chilean pilgrim)