Charles de Foucauld, Journey to Tamanrasset by Antoine Chatelard

This book by Antoine Chatelard on Blessed Charles de Foucauld defies classification into the known categories of either biography or hagiography. Though there is enough biographical material in the book for those who do not yet know his life, it is not meant to be another addition to that category as there are already several biographies on Br. Charles. Though he was beatified by the Church in 2005, it does not also try to glorify him with stereotyped images of a saint.

The originality of this book is that it introduces us with ruthless honesty to the inner turmoil that this exceptional man of the twentieth century went through in his search to faithfully answer the call of 'Jesus, the Workman of Nazareth'. His inner journey found its ultimate fulfillment in death, victim to the bullet fired by a frightened young man guarding him while others plundered his house in the Saharan desert on a December evening in 1916.

By his rigorous scientific attention to significant details and an unparalleled depth of analysis of the inner journey of Br. Charles, the author surprises us with insights up to now ignored about the message of Charles de Foucauld. This book is a landmark for all those who search to make the spirituality of Nazareth the passion of their lives and thus contribute to the renewal of religious life in the Church of today.

Antoine Chatelard LBJ is a member ol the Religious Fraternity of the Little Brothers of Jesus and has lived in Algeria since 1954 in the very place where Charles de Foucauld was assassinated.

His first book titled The Death of Charles de Foucauld published in 2000 was acclaimed by critics as a remarkable contribution to the understanding of the life of Br. Charles.

This second book is also the fruit of several years of painstaking research and meditation. He has written numerous articles on the spirituality of Br. Charles and conducted workshops all over the world for all those who search to deepen the understanding of the life and message of Charles de Foucauld.

Cathy Wright LSJ who translated this book into English is a member of the Religious Fraternity of the Little Sisters of Jesus and lives in the United States of America. She has also authored a remarkable biography on the life of Charles de Foucauld titled Charles de Foucauld, Journey of the Spirit, published in USA by Pauline Books in 2005.

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