Br Charles'Advent Prayer

Twenty more days! The time is approaching ... But if this Day, which is awaited, will be Blessed, how sweet the present already is!

You are there my God, hidden in Mary's womb, You are there in this little house, worshiped by her and Joseph and angels. Put me alongside them my Lord.

My Lord and my God, when I am in your Sanctuary, at the foot of the Tabernacle, are you not as close to me as You are to Saint Joseph during Advent?

When You give Yourself to me in Holy Communion, are you not as close to me, also in me, as You were in the Blessed Virgin?

My God, how happy I am, how happy I am.

But Lord, I beg You, convert me; when I am at the foot of the Tabernacle, and when I receive Holy Communion, make me be what I must be; may I no longer be indifferent, asleep in front of your Altar, may I no longer receive your divine Body lukewarmly.

Convert me, convert me, my Lord, I ask you in your Name!

Remember You promised to grant whatever is asked of You in your Name, and to give the Holy Spirit to whoever asks. My God, give me the right spirit, your Spirit, and make me spend this Advent and all the days of my life so as to glorify You as much as possible;

As much as it is possible for me, as much as it is your Will for me, which is not as much as it is possible for the Blessed Virgin or Saint Joseph, as much as it is your Will for me, as much as this is possible with the Graces that You give to me; Place me with Your holy Parents very lovingly, humbly, drowned and lost in admiration, contemplation, love, at Your feet and during this Advent and always.

And what I ask You for myself, I ask You for all people, and especially for those for whom I must pray particularly, in You, through You and for You. Amen