Parallel Texts from Pope Francis and Brother Charles-Introduction

Listening to Pope Francis's words one cannot but be struck not only by his explicit references to Brother Charles and his spiritual path but also by his emphasis on the Incarnation, the whole of the life of Jesus, born in a manger in Bethlehem, living for 30 years in Nazareth leading to the total gift of himself on the Cross.

With the Canonization of Br Charles coming up soon, several friends have asked: 'How can I turn to Charles as a guide and inspiration in what I am called to live today? What is his real message which is so different from the sometimes romanticized picture I have clung to? Has Charles something to say in this time of restrictions?

Charles's message is to do with being alongside, sharing the life and hopes of my neighbours and above all illuminating the seemingly banal, my quite ordinary life through faith.

In Fratelli Tutti and in all his Audiences and Seasonal messages Pope Francis is echoing this same message. He is inviting us to look at all the aspects of our human life and above all how we live as brothers and sisters, one family with one Father in Heaven.

I hope you find comfort and hope through praying with these parallel messages.