News from the Chapter of the |Little Brothers- second week

Second week 21-27 of march

br charles chapter22br charles chapter22
Dear Brothers,
This has been a crucial and hectic week.

1) We had to debate on themes of importance for the future of the Fraternity


After a lot of sharing and discernment, we selected three themes which need our attention:

1- Unity in Diversity
2- Structures
3- The spirituality of fragility.

Then we made three teams to share in depth, make proposals for texts that could express the concerns that are at the heart of our challenges today as a Fraternity in the world.

There were several meetings and we are still working on these texts.

What is the heart of the challenge of these three themes? what are our convictions? and how do we propose to face them in the coming years?

During these last six years, we have diminished in number. Our fragilities are now more visible then ever due to old age, illnesses and smallness in numbers in regions. This calls for adaptation of the structures that we have created to sustain our life in the regions. Regions are very fragile. Do we see zones as real spaces for sharing in the future?

We are living situations of diversity in different parts of the world. How do we today see our unity as a Fraternity of Little Brothers within this diversity? We do have brothers from diverse cultures. How do we welcome this diversity? We also see that we have to enter into our frailties with hope and not despair. How can we accompany our brothers in living our vulnerability as a time of grace?

lttle brothers chapter 22 group photolttle brothers chapter 22 group photo

These are the challenges that we examined in the three commissions. Certainly, our sharings we be enshrined in small documents which we hope will be inspirational.

2) The presentation of the Accounts of the Fraternity was done with clarity and expertise by Theo Rath (our General Treasurer). It was easy to follow the details due to the simplicity and transparency of the presentation. We have voted it unanimously as it is a requirement before the election of the new General Fraternity.

3) The next task we have embarked on this week is the election of a new General Fraternity. It was inaugurated by a time of prayer when we invoked the presence of the Spirit by lighting an Easter Candle which remained lighted till the end of the elections. The moderator, Emili,helped us to enter into this phase with o lot of serenity, commitment and discernment. It has been a long process, but, as you know, Rodrigo, as prior, Mirek, Lorenzo and Sang-Shim (who is going to do a second term), as counselors, agreed to form the new General Fraternity. We thank them very much. And Saturday night we celebrated this election.

[new team little brothersnew team little brothers

4) On Sunday, enjoying a day of rest, we had a beautiful visit to Salamanca, a city an hour away from Avila.

Accompanied by an guide, we were able to visit the most important sites.

It is a city with an important past in the history of Spain and it has been declared a World Heritage Site for its large, beautiful and majestic constructions (churches and convents in particular) and for having also been a very important university where great personalities of Spanish culture have studied.

It is also a place that preserves much of the legacy of Fray Bartolomeo de Las Casas, defender of the indigenous populations of Central America. His remains repose in the convent of St. Domingo.


What we can say is that we have progressed in our work as capitulants with a great sense of fraternal communion.
little brothers three priorslittle brothers three priors

We joined the call of the Pope for a prayer of peace on Friday at 5PM. We read the prayer of consecration of Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in our three languages of communication and spent a time of silent adoration in the chapel. We have Eucharist together on alternate days. On others days, we can attend Mass il the common chapel of the Carmelites. On the days we have Eucharist, we do our sharings of the Gospel in small groups and then come together for offertory prayers, consecration and communion.

Brothers, we constantly think of you all in our prayer and we carry the good of our Fraternity in our hearts. We are aware that werepresent all of you. So, please, pray for us that we may reach the end of the Chapter in unity of heart.