Brother Charles' Prayer of Abandonment is Jesus' prayer

Br Charles' Meditation on the last words of JesusBr Charles' Meditation on the last words of Jesus

What we know as the ‘Prayer of Abandonment’ is not a prayer which Brother Charles wrote for any eventual companions, or even one he prayed himself. Rather it came from one of his meditations on the Gospel in relation to the 'cardinal virtues'. These texts were written by Brother Charles in 1896 towards the end of his time with the Trappists at Akbes (Syria). At that time he was still called by his monastic name Brother Marie-Alberic. In fact it is a prayer which he puts on the lips of Jesus and which cannot be said by anyone but Jesus. So it is only with Jesus that we can recite it.

If it has become such an important prayer for us as members of his Spiritual Family, it is then, because we are aware that we can never say it alone. We pray it with Jesus. With Jesus' help, we want to grow in this spirit of abandonment uniting ourselves to Him in his trusting abandonment to the Father.

This prayer invites us to unite ourselves to Jesus. It seeks to trace a path for our life’s journey with God and with humanity. It is the path which Jesus travelled before us. We are encouraged to give ourselves in confident abandonment to the Father.