Building love

With the youthWith the youth

July 1st 1951

In central Lebanon, two Communities of little sisters started simultaneously in two villages scarcely 20 km from each other, but divided by generations of deep enmity. One of the villages, Ras Baalbeck, was Christian, the other Hermel, Muslim.

Little sister Magdeleine wrote to he Little sisters about these two foundations:

I'm ready to go to the ends of the earth, to try and tell everyone that we must love one another and to leave little sisters everywhere who will go on saying it after me. Hatred is too dreadful, and you meet it at every step of the way. People tear one another apart figuratively and literally. And in too many countries children are brought up to choose arrogance and vengeance.

So I want there to be so much love in the hearts of little sisters, and so much divine joy reflected in their eyes and in their smile, that the worst evildoers may be touched, as by the Lord's own presence.

For that, the first thing you must do is to love one another, amongst little sisters. It gives me so much joy to visit the households where you truly love and help one another, and luckily there are many of them. But there are still some of you who have not understood that Christ's Message of Love cannot go further and shine out beyond our homes because inside them you do not love each other enough.

You treat each other harshly or without caring and do not realise that the first neighbour you must love is your little sister in your community and also the one in charge. To my last breath I will keep telling you the same thing: Be kind, loving, gentle and smiling with the little sisters beside you, first of all. Without that, your smile will be hipocritical, and your gentleness will only be a worldly veneer.