Discerning your vocation

Are you searching to live your life to the full? Are you searching for a way that corresponds to a deep calling within you? What is really important for you as you seek to be a disciple of Jesus? Does this way of Bethlehem and Nazareth of the vocation of the Little sisters of Jesus speak to your heart?

Discernment Criteria for a Vocation to the Little Sisters of Jesus

  • To have a longing to live among people who are materially poor or marginalized, in order to find Jesus among his favourite friends.
  • To have a deep belief that the world is one family and each person equally loved by God - that we are all brothers and sisters in our search for true freedom.
  • To have made a clear choice to seek to live for God alone so that your whole life is rooted in contemplative prayer. Then only can your love of others be the overflowing of your relationship of love with God,
  • To take the Gospel as road map and Book of Life. To have one desire: to think, speak and act in and through Jesus. To accept the call to cry the Gospel with your life.
  • To be convinced of the relevance of an apostolate following Jesus of Nazareth immersed in ordinary everyday life: (work, neighbourhood, housing, relationships) centred on friendship, loving in a gratuitous way all those who cross your path.
  • To have a deep desire to unite your life to that of Jesus in the Eucharist, to make the Mass the centre of your day and daily adoration a way for you to unite your whole being with Jesus as bread that is broken and shared.
  •  To clearly choose to live in a community of three or four, rejoicing in the variety of gifts of each member, in close contact with neighbours and friends.
  • To be convinced that to follow Jesus in the way of the Beatitudes, in poverty, chastity and obedience is for you a path towards greater freedom in order to open your heart ever wider to the love of God and your neighbour.
  • To want to live as a counter sign to the consumer society in order to witness to the joy of sharing and of solidarity.
  • To have a faithful love and great loyalty towards the Church and to live your call in communion with the gifts and charisms of others.
  • To have a great thirst for the unity of all Christians which starts at grass root level, to have a longing for peace and reconciliation.
  • To feel a special call to live with childlike trust and abandonment into the hands of the Father.
  • To live a healthy and balanced lifestyle in which you have met the challenges of earning your living and of reaching out to others in service and stable friendships.
  • To be under 35 years of age or young enough in heart to allow every aspect of your life be transformed by your call.

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