Steps in the life of the Little Sisters of Jesus

Tre Fontane  70th anniversaryTre Fontane 70th anniversary
  • The first step is just to come and to share our life without any commitment. According to what is possible for each one it can be helpful to come first for a weekend or a short stay just to get to know each other.

  • Some then stay for a longer period of between six months to a year before starting postulancy.

  • One year of postulancy.

  • Two years of novitiate.

  • Period of temporary vows, of just living the ordinary life that is ours.

  • Two years of biblical/theological studies

  • Final vows are preceded by an 8 month formation session that gathers members from around the world. It is a special time of deepening our own religious call, strengthening the bonds among us and sharing about the different contexts in which we live.

  • Formation is a life-long process of deepening our faith and commitment to the Reign of God.