Various communities together

Everybody thought the group would disappear

Louis Massignon(1882-1962), a specialist in Islamology, who was to gain an international reputation had first met Charles de Foucauld in 1909, and corresponded with him until his death. He did everything he could to keep the Union his "older brother" had intended alive.  read more »


Massignon gradually distanced himself from the Association, but until his death, he continued to lead a group of men and women, lay people, religious brothers or sisters and priests, who drew their inspiration from the spirituality of the Directory. In 1947, he named the group the "Sodality of the Directory".

Today this original group is called "Union-Sodality" and has members on all five continents.  read more »

The First Groups

Lay people were the first to hear the call Charles de Foucauld had voiced repeatedly:

"We need Christians like Priscille and Aquila, doing good in silence."
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The group of Nurses of Notre Dame de Carthage was formed in Tunisia  read more »

A monk-missionary in Morocco

In 1927, Father Albert Peyriguere settled in Morocco.  read more »


The keyword is 'Nazareth' as a form of religious life: to seek God by taking the path that Jesus took, which was that of sharing ordinary, daily life.  read more »

With the mentally ill

Even though the group no longer exists today, we should also mention the Union of Nazarenes of Charles de Foucauld.  read more »

'Au Coeur des Masses' and new developments

In 1950, Father Voillaume published Au Coeur des Masses [= Seeds of the Desert] stressed the vocation of every Christian to a life of friendship with God, and the paths to take in order to lead a contemplative life "at the heart of the world"  read more »

The Association begins

The beginning of the Spiritual Family of Charles de Foucauld Association  read more »