Daily life in Enugu

Enugu, Theresa Onyji and Ngozi Colette outside their flat.Enugu, Theresa Onyji and Ngozi Colette outside their flat.

Little sister Ngozi Colette writes:

Our Community in Enugu is situated on the out-skirts of Enugu town, formally known as 'coal city’ because of the coal mining and industry that grew up as a result. The town has the highest number of public and private industries and also schools in the South East Zone and can be said to be the centre of unity for the Igbo race. It was formally the capital of East Central state and also of Biafra. We are now waiting in hope for the completion and opening of Michael Okpara International Airport next year. This will ease our problem of needing to travel to Lagos for flights or welcoming little sisters.

We are three at the moment and we all have been working outside until April this year when I lost my job in the school. We were happy to get work outside because here in Enugu town, almost everybody works in the morning. Parents go to work and children and youths leave for school. So we join our people in their quest to make ends meet.

Working is important for us but also to live a community life in spite of tiredness and to find time to be with our people. We asked our employers to allow us to work only in the morning so that we could have the late afternoon and evening free. This gives us the chance to be together. After morning prayer and Mass in the parish, we have breakfast together and after work we say evening prayer and have supper together. We also keep time for our community meetings, Gospel sharing and review of life. These have been a source of strength, for the community. We also take time in the evening to join our people in the parish activities: meetings, burials and also do some visiting. On the week-ends we have more time to join in what is happening in the parish taking part in weddings and other celebrations and also taking extra time to pray.

Little sister Theresa Onyji writes:

I am very glad to share with you about my work is a small clinic. It is a two story building with different sections: the out patient department, paediatric, pre-natal and post-natal departments. We have a theatre for operations and a primary health care unit. One good thing here is that patients are really well cared for, often at a low cost. Standard bills are often reduced if the patient finds it hard to pay. This attracts a lot of people and it is often hard to take on more patients. Another good thing is that the clinic is extremely neat at all times and also uses very good medicine and modern equipment.

The main problem is that being a private clinic, as in many other private clinics wages are low. The workers are denied their rights such as regular leave and holiday pay. We can take two weeks leave without pay and also take a few days rest. There is a cordial relationship among the staff. Every month we have a staff meeting sometimes with the management and at times only between ourselves to see things together. What gives me joy is that the mortality rate is very low. Often people arrive at the clinic very sick and weak but usually leave the clinic very happy and cured from their complaint. 

 Theresa Onyji with neighbours Theresa Onyji with neighbours
Little sister Monica writes:

For the past two years I have been working at the hospital of the Immaculate heart sisters. When you do not come from the State it is not easy to find a job. Often I get a lift with a neighbour as it is not near. I am working in the  of Anti-natal clinic. This  department is  busy throughout the   week. Mondays,Thursdays and Fridays      work in the anti-natal clinic, on Tuesdays in the circumcision clinic and on Wednesdays at the immunization clinic.

We are four working in this department, two sisters and two young girls.

I am happy with my job; I have the opportunity to meet women and men, who come with their wives, for the different clinics.

During their first visit each one is invited to share their history. I realize that many of these young mothers thirst for somebody to listen to them and also for somebody they can trust to ask them certain questions, things that they would not share easily with everyone. And this helps me to pray by bringing them to the Lord. After this first visit we follow them up until they give birth. This has created a deep love and friendship between us. I thank God for this wonderful opportunity he has given me to work here.

Immunization clinicImmunization clinicImmunization clinicImmunization clinicAnti-natal clinicAnti-natal clinicCircumcision clinicCircumcision clinic