Final vows in India

Rakini and PriyaRakini and Priya

There are 22 official languages in India.  The Little Sisters' regional house is in the city of Bangalore in the Kannada-speaking state of Karnataka. At the time Karnataka was evangelized, Tamil-speaking Christians were brought in from across the border in Tamil Nadu. Tamil was used in the Churches of Karnataka, so the local people felt cut off.

LSrs. Priya and Rakini are from Tamil-speaking families, born in Karnataka. They made their final vows in Bangalore recently. Bangalore is a large city where people have migrated from many other Indian states, bringing their languages with them.  Generally Kannada is now used in the churches, particularly in the Little Sisters' parish.

The six communities in India are scattered across five states, each of which uses a different language; the Little Sisters often use English to communicate among themselves. As you see, the situation is very complex! Thus the interest in language in the following letter from Little sister Rakini:

We made our final commitment on the 13th of November, theanniversary of the day on which Br. Charles was beatified. So, we chose the themes, "Cry the Gospel by your whole life," and "Remain in my love."

Family and friends gather togetherFamily and friends gather together

The Eucharistic celebration took place in Bangalore, in the garden of the regional house, in Kannada, the local language. Thanks to the good will of all, the ceremony went on in a harmonious way-the surrounding nature itself gave a kind of prayerful atmosphere, and the parish choir was so prayerful and melodious it helped us pray together.

Ten priests concelebrated, the main celebrant being my uncle, Fr. Santiago. Then the parish priest gave the homily. He spoke of the importance of "offering oneself to GOD" in the present world, where so many are seeking for power, money, and fame. He expressed how we need to be detached from the world and clinging to GOD, who has called us to serve.

The ceremony of vows, with their litanies, were in English. Otherwise, everything was in Kannada and Tamil, while the songs were in various other different languages. I pronounced my vows in Tamil and Priya in Kannada. I was very moved during this part of the ceremony, as the big assembly surrounded us in prayer. I felt the presence of God deeply in serenity and peace.

Many people appreciated the service and told us, "We felt like we were in heaven." Our family members and the parishioners were happy because they had been able to follow and understand. God blessed us in a marvelous way, and overflowed in our hearts. We sang the Magnificat in Tamil, along with Mother Mary.After the Mass a delicious Indian biryani was served to all. Everyone enjoyed it, and left with good memories and much joy. In the evening we cut a cake along with a few friends.

The next day I went home to spend some time with my family. Then I came back and became part of our Hosur community, in Tamil Nadu. Now I am

looking for a job in a factory.  I hope to start work soon.  I thank you for your prayerful support, please continue to pray for me.

Little sister Rakini found a job in the Titan Watch factory in Hosur. Little sister Priya is in Bangalore preparing to take part in a future foundation of our community in Cambodia.