Part of our History: Little sisters of Jesus in Greece, Giannitsa, Our Byzantine family

The Little sisters left Greece in 2014 to give support to other communities.

Giannitsa ChapelGiannitsa Chapel

The fidelity of the Byzantine Community of Giannitsa reflects their love for this Oriental spirituality in which the Greek people are steeped. Our calling is to be close to this people. Together we search painfully to belong to its only leader, Christ, in the diversity of our traditions. It is up to us to be attentive to discover all the little steps which are being made on an ecumenical level and to beg for this UNITY that Christ desired so much.

In June 2009 to end the Pauline year, Cardinal Joseph Tomko was sent by the Holy Father to celebrate with those parishes in Greece marked by the presence of St Paul. Our parish of St Peter and Paul in Giannitsa, which did not exist in the time of Paul, but which is situated half way between Thessalonica and Beree, merited a halt!

We will all remember this visit which strengthened our longing for Unity in the Church: Unity among Latin and Byzantine Catholics, ever greater love and respect for the Orthodox and also in the present situation, confidence, mutual esteem and understanding for the other whoever they may be.

Working in a sowing factoryWorking in a sowing factory

For us Little sisters this is what gives meaning to our daily lives. It has never been easy for us to find work and often we have had to assume very difficult working conditions.

In the end we know it is precisely this daily sharing in the ordinary life of those around us which will be the bedrock for building a unity that is genuine and rooted in the truth.