Hidden Racism

1953  Bassa Cameroun1953 Bassa Cameroun

At the end of her long tour around the continent of Africa, Little sister Magdeleine wrote to the little sisters on 10 October 1953:

The whole world calls us through the voice of the ‘little’ and the ‘poor’….Our trip to Central Africa, and most of all to South Africa, has given new strength to my conviction that the rupture between races, like the rupture between classes is one of the most serious violations of the commandment of love.

Look inside yourselves. Every heart holds some hidden, secret racism and its roots go very deep. You do not admit it to yourself, but you always look at your neighbour with feelings of your own superiority. The proof of it is that you pass judgements. You wouldn't judge if you thought of yourself as being like the other person or as a bit worse than the other.

I'm more and more convinced that the Lord's will for our congregation is that it be beyond all the prejudices of class and race. When people ask you where our congregation comes from, tell them, "It's international and inter-racial". I've ended up answering that way even when they ask me personally, "Where are you from?" I say, "I'm international". I don't ask you to do that too because it would get ridiculous, but say loud and clear that our congregation is not a French congregation and we dont want our message to be narrowed like that.

I'm counting on you each. My road is long and hard, believe me. There are days when I stumble along and I wish I could sit down by the side of the road and say, "That's enough, I can't go any farther". Help me get up and keep going. You know how much trust I place in you all, in the oldest as well as the newest of you. (L II, p. 249)