God's call to the poorest and for Magdeleine to give her life for Russia

Alaska Nome, crabbingAlaska Nome, crabbing

Letter to Pope Pius XII, Rome, 15th October 1952

After sharing with the Holy Father about the rapid expansion of the communities of the Little sisters all over the world, she tells him how she is strengthened by the encouragement of Bishop de Provencheres, our founding Bishop, and the insistence of so many Bishops asking for new foundations. She has at heart a certitude that God is leading her.

She writes: I have little or no strength to carry out this programme but the Infant Jesus, who has been my guide from the beginning will be my strength. He has asked that our communities should belong to him so that they may be poor like his crib and that the Little sisters may have a simplicity of soul like the children blessed in the Gospel. He has asked me to go everywhere throughout the world where ‘little ones’ are crushed by others with their superiority and distain. That is why there are now Little sisters among the Pygmies of the forest, among the Indians and the Esquimos and in the poor neighbourhoods of  big towns: the shanty towns of North Africa, the favellas of Brazil, the mushroom towns of Chile and in the poorest neighbourhood of Rome, la Borgata Prenistina. So called ‘important people’ have condemned us but our new friends have adopted us with the thoughtfulness and kindness that only those who experience their love and who live among them can know about…..

Among the most recent foundations there are two which will make you particularly happy: that of Fatima which will be the noviciate for Portugal and that of Nome in Alaska, facing Russia. The first role of this community is for the Little sisters to pray and offer their life for Russia. Then in 1955 when I have finished my job as the foundress, in order to answer to what I feel is a very strong inner call and if God puts no obstacle and my superiors continue to encourage me, I would like to leave for Russia and to give my life there.  I would like to ask you to bless this desire, Most Holy Father, so that I have the strength to prepare myself.

1956 On the road1956 On the road

Fez, 8 May 1953

the Lord is calling me to the other side of the Iron Curtain to offer my life in communion with those who work for unity in love... in union with Him who was the first to give his life so that htere would be an end to hatred.

Bellechasse prison, Switzerland, 25 September 1956

In 1956 Little sister Magdeleine crossed Yugoslavia, Hungary and Czechoslovakia for the first time. On her return she writes to the Little sisters to pray especially on the 13th October, feast of Our Lady of Fatima for those behind the iron Curtain.:

Let us beg Our Lady to have pity on those who suffer and all those who make others suffer in all the Countries of Eastern Europe.But we must pray with love. Blame and hatred must be directed towards evil itself and toward error and never towrds anyone however bad they may appear. The world will be saved through love.

In the train towards Fatima, 12 October 1956

In the Iron Curtain countries I think we should have the same attitude as everywhere else: to be there as an element of kindness, gentleness, friendship, above all of unity... To always think positively and not be entrenched with the opposition, unless it is to oppose evil and what is wrong, but never to be in opposition against people.

September 1957 Leaving for RussiaSeptember 1957 Leaving for Russia

Letter 18 April 1957

Little sister Magdeleine felt the Lord was calling her to leave for Russia for good. She set out on 8 September 1957. Because of unforseen circumstances she returned, but kept the commitment to travel to Eastern Europe for several months each year.

'Now I am going to carry Jesus where there is such a need for hope.'