Little Sister Magdeleine's journey

Among the nomads

Magdeleine thought that she had been called to found a community of nomad Little Sisters consecrated exclusively to Islam.

1939 Touggourt, with the children of the zribas1939 Touggourt, with the children of the zribas

The first community opened on the outskirts of Touggourt, an oasis, 400 miles from Algiers. About 100 nomad families lived nearby in tents and small temporary dwellings and soon became friends. There was a lot of work to do to make the house she had been given fit to live in and everyone was involved.

When Anne left to follow her own path, Magdeleine although alone was completely at ease among the nomads. This unique experience of mutual respect, confidence and friendship left an indelible mark on the community. Little sister Magdeleine was confirmed in what life among the nomads had shown her: ‘that there can be real friendship and deep affection between people who are not of the same religion, race or social background’.