Little Sister Magdeleine's journey

From one end of the world to the other

1942 Le Tubet1942 Le Tubet In 1940 Magdeleine started receiving requests from young women who wanted to follow Jesus as Little Sisters. She had to think about how to give them some formation before going to the Sahara. The Bishop of Aix en Provence, in France, offered her a house about 2 miles from the town called Le Tubet which was to become a centre for the initial formation of the Little Sisters. Magdeleine divided her time between Touggourt and le Tubet.

1940-1942 Giving talks all over France1940-1942 Giving talks all over France

Because of the war there were food restrictions and Magdeleine had to find a way to feed the community in the Tubet. She also wanted to share her ideal following Brother Charles so she planned more than 600 talks across France with a very poorly made film of life in Touggourt. Alone and often very tired during these difficult trips, she spoke of Jesus in Bethlehem and Nazareth and this new form of Christian presence in the Islamic world.

Although it was still a closed zone in 1944 Little sister Magdeleine managed to go Rome. She wanted to present her community and her ideas for this new form of religious life. She was received in private audience by Pius XII and was very happy to feel accepted and understood.

She undertook this journey despite enormous difficulties. For her it was a priority, because of her love for the Church. She always sought to submit even her most daring plans and ideas to those she believed represented the Church.

The following year she wrote a booklet addressed to those who were attracted to following the life of Brother Charles, ‘the universal little brother’. This work called the Green Booklet had quite an effect. She shared the deepest thoughts of her life,

‘to live like Jesus poor among the poor, mixed in among people like leaven in the dough.’

She spoke of a religious life that would be lived at the heart of the world, with one’s eyes and heart fixed on the one and only model, Jesus.

‘Before being religious, be human and Christian in all the strength and beauty of these words.’