Little Sister Magdeleine's journey

Open to the world and the Church

All hands on deck!All hands on deck!
The community of Tre Fontane in Rome became the headquarters. Until her death Little Sister Magdeleine worked to make the ‘village of Tre Fontane’ both the family home of the Little Sisters and a place open to all people. She knew how to welcome each person with simplicity and undivided attention. One of her most happy memories was when Paul VI visited the community in 1973 and John-Paul 2 in 1985.

 1985 22 dec John Paul Tre Fontane 1985 22 dec John Paul Tre FontaneLittle Sister Magdeleine had first met John-Paul II in Poland during one of her journey’s in ‘the Shooting Star’, the name of the van she used to travel in all over Eastern Europe. From 1956 onwards, she went each summer and not being allowed to make long stays she went as a tourist, building up networks of friendship, laying the way for future foundations and giving support to Little Sisters already living there.

Little Sister Magdeleine was faithful to these extremely tiring journeys until she died despite her age and poor health. Her outlook was the same in Marxist countries as everywhere:

  • with a passion for unity,
  • a longing to spread the spirituality of Brother Charles
  • with humble friendship offered to everyone.

She strongly emphasized to the Little Sisters:

‘that it was love that saved the world.’