Little Sisters of Jesus in Austria,

Welcome to Austria!Welcome to Austria!
Kleine Schester Marianne has been working as a nurse in the Government nursing home in Vienna since 2005.

'Once it gets too difficult for the elderly to manage at home relying on visits from home-carers, the only option left is to go to a nursing home. Our patients are between 85 and 100 years old and ever more dependent for their daily routine such as eating, getting dressed, physical activities or social contacts.

Most of them suffer from progressing dementia and finding it hard to understand what is going on around them. Any break through in communication often brings great relief. My experience is that they are so grateful for even the smallest gesture of recognition and real understanding of their life.

Simple daily activities require a lot of time and patience. The hardest for me is that too often we are not able to provide them with the assistance they would need.

I am happy with my work in the nursing home, caring for them and carrying each one in my heart.'


Other Little Sisters in the different Communities work in factories or as cleaners, doing craft work or even in puppet theatre...

In a sewing factoryIn a sewing factory

An inner conviction leads them on, that of seeking to follow Jesus especially during the 30 years he spent in Nazareth; Jesus who became in all things like us, Jesus who lived in this backwater town and socialized and earned a living alongside others of his neighbourhood.