Little Sisters of Jesus, Copenhagen, in a multicultural neighbourhood

"May we be a loving presence among our neighbours, among prisoners, the homeless, those with learning disabilities and among all who struggle to give meaning to their life."

With Lutheran friendsSharing and friendship with the Lutheran minister

"An invitation from a Lutheran chaplain of the prison and a text from the Gospel: 'I was in prison and you visited me', led me to become a prison visitor."

"Every Monday morning the Lutheran pastor comes to our chapel and together we confide to God the intentions of the prisoners, the guards and the encounters of the day. 'If the Lord does not build the house in vain do the builders labour.'"

Visiting by bike Visiting by bike

"I offer my day praying with all my heart that each one may find true freedom. At the moment I am unemployed but hope to train in pedicure which would be useful among the homeless."

"Having arrived recently from Norway I am finding my feet and being retired I appreciate having more time for prayer and quiet reading. I have also linked up with the movement 'Faith and Light' inspired by Jean Vanier; a support group for friends and family of those with learning disabilities."

Celebrating with 'Faith and Light'Celebrating with 'Faith and Light'