Archives Pakistan: Father Asi shares his vision

 Karachi 1 Dec 2006

1st December Family of Brother Charles gathering 2006, Karachi.

Father Asi shared  his vision of what Brother Charles can mean in someone's life,  based on his own experience. 'I'll never be able to communicate the strength of his conviction or the impact his words had on us, but I will tell you a little of what he said.'

He talked about how Brother Charles liberates us.  Social and cultural pressures do not need to control us any more with fear of missing out on honours, not having a big name, never getting famous.  In terms of church presence, we are set free from thinking we should 'preach' as loud as possible and work a lot of miracles.  Brother Charles, in all his meditations on the Gospel, never mentioned Jesus' miracles, Father Asi points out.

In Multan working togetherIn Multan working together

Brother Charles liberates us from our prejudices. It's not for me to see myself above other people but as one of them, equal, a brother or sister to everyone. Love requires equality or it is not love. And there are no limits to where God's love and presence can lead.

At Bethlehem and Nazareth, Jesus' Incarnation made it a sacred thing to be human.  We do not have to separate ourselves from ordinary life to be in touch with God, as if ordinary people's lives could not be spiritual.

Our chapelOur chapel

In the desert we discover the sense of the limitless   Presence and love stretch beyond all boundaries. We can let go of ‘At least I've got to DO something’ and learn to give ourselves by simply being instead of only through our accomplishments.

There were so many doors that Brother Charles opened. He shows us how we could 'bring the Good News' like the rose Gandhi took as an example, which doesn't need lo preach to make its fragrance felt.  He makes us see that religion is alive through the faith a family lives at home and not just because of the priests and their role. He insisted that successful people are not  ‘big' personalities but humble people who give themselves to the full.  For Brother Charles religion means to love.

To look on someone else as a stranger is against the message of the Gospel, Brother Charles reminds us. This is an important point for us who are part of the Christian minority here since it may not be easy for us sometimes to see the good in the Muslims around us.  But our minority position is not a drawback. Throughout the Bible 'minority' is shown as a source of blessing for the majority.

To sum up. ‘Do not try lo be a star in the sky but a seed which falls into the ground.’

And what were the results of our sharings? Father Arthur Charles drew out our comments on what we would do when we got home. ‘l will try for a simpler life-style.' 'I wilI change my attitude towards Muslims.’ 'I  will think about whether I am treating the people I work with and live with as equals and if I recognize the good in them.’ 'I will try to trust. Whatever God does, whether it is what I want or not, it is the gift of my God.’ And especially from the perspective of our new little group of young people in Multan, ‘I will not try to 'become' Br Charles, but I'll be faithful to the Charles Group’.