Little Sisters of Jesus in Serbia, Belgrade

By Klaudya Nada

Our houseOur house

In her passion for unity, Little sister Magdeleine always wanted a community in Belgrade, among the orthodox, the religion of the majority of the population and in a society under a Communist regime.

The chapelThe chapel
Our communityOur community Little Sister Klaudya at the consecration of  a young orthodox monkLittle Sister Klaudya at the consecration of a young orthodox monk

40 years have gone by and nothing has changed in our basic choice: Through a presence of prayer and simple friendship, seeking to respect each individual person, we long to express in whatever way we can the tenderness of the Lord for everyone. It is a question of sharing daily life, the daily contacts at work or in the neighbourhood, in the parish or in the orthodox churches and monasteries.

We managed to stay on all through the war and our sense of belonging has grown deeper. The soul of the people has kept its religious roots and many want to rediscover their deep rooted tradition of hospitality and kindness. This is particularly apparent at Christmas and Easter and times of religious feast days when we take part in each other's celebrations.

It is a difficult period at the present time, for both the country and the Church. Quite simply we want to live the gift of hope, the gift of confidence in the other, within our communities and also to share it.