In the Americas

Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Martinique, Mexico, Peru, United States , Uruguay.

Our chapel,Chuy,UruguayOur chapel,Chuy,Uruguay

With the Gospel as their guide knowing that true fulfilment does not come through power and influence but through the upside down way of the Beatitudes.

Making clear choices to be alongside the less successful in the world’s eyes and where prejudice and public opinion alienate.

Facing today’s problems of alcohol, drugs and loss of identity.

Continuing to believe in the value of friendship.

Sharing everyday life: Living in the same type of housing, doing the same type of work, being a part of the social life of the neighbourhood, and always with an open door, as Jesus lived in Nazareth.

Living a Eucharistic life centred on adoration and the offering of their life.through Jesus living in them, to be 'as Leaven in the dough'

For us, “Nazareth” means concrete identification with a people. Jesus took on not only our flesh, but also the insecurity and powerlessness of the poor and oppressed of his time. The Incarnation was about God becoming one with us in the midst of our life, our struggles and our joys.

- Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus