News from the Communities of the Little sisters in India

The challenge of CommunityThe challenge of Community

India is a fast developing country.

New technologies attract many young people. They come to the cities for better working conditions and well remunerated jobs. At the same time, they go through stress and tension in their work places. Work schedules have to correspond to the timings of the country of the company's origin. Often this means working at night and sleeping during the day. Families cannot find time to be together. One leaves for work when another member is coming home. Young women too are looking for jobs when up to recently they would either get married or enter religious life. This results in fewer vocations. Due to possibilities of free education offered by the government for ‘lower’ castes and tribal populations, professions, formally handed down in a family on account of the caste system, are no longer hereditary. There is also a big economic disparity between urban and rural populations. Improved conditions are found mostly in the cities. Climatic changes affect rural life. Less rain and insufficient water for cultivation leads to crop failure. This in turn leads to an increase in debt and the taking out of loans. We have never witnessed so many suicides among farmers. NGOs, all Indian initiatives, are working to uplift the poor. This explains why several Little sisters are employed by different organizations who work with lay people from different denominations and religions for the relief and eradication of Leprosy and T.B.