News from the Communities of the Little sisters in India

Our Communities involvement

In Mumbai, Anamma is involved in this work, while Anitha works with HIV/AIDS patients and their families. Our community has moved to a new popular area and Saroj keeps house and visits many people. She is very familiar with local situation.

We continue the presence in Pirappancode, Kerala, among leprosy patients and the hospital has opened a new branch to welcome HIV/AIDS patients sent by the Government Medical College.

Hosur Final vows 2002,Hosur Final vows 2002,

In Hosur, Sagaya resumed her work in an organization for children belonging to the poorer sections of society.

In Bangalore, Preethi continues her work in ECHO (Empowerment of Children and Human Rights organization), centre for Juvenile Justice, and Divya is employed in Visthar where she does the house keeping. Visthar is concerned with social awareness among 'dalits' (oppressed people) as well as gender issues and sensitivity among women. A group of children (girls) from 'Deva Dasis' (temple prostitutes) have been adopted and are given special education to help them readapt to ordinary life.