News from the Communities of the Little sisters in India

The Church

The Church as a whole is strongly institutionalized and power struggles are present at various levels. Collaboration between the different Rites can also cause problems but it is important for each Rite to preserve their traditions and values. The Malankara Church (to which our Community of Pirappancode belongs) has recently become an independent Oriental Rite Church, with a Patriarchate. The Pope nominated Moren Mar Basilios Clemis as "Catholic Baba". The Fraternity in north Kerala, (Wayanad) belongs to the Syro Malabar Church. Languages in some areas create conflict, as in Bangalore. A new Church is being built in our Parish because of the constant rise in population. It is a very slow process because of lack of funds and the increase in the cost of building materials. Only one language is spoken in our parish (in other parishes there are often 3) and the liturgy is very prayerful with the participation of all.

We cannot say that the Indian Church's first concern, as a whole, is 'the poor'. This remains very much the concern of social movements as we have seen, but at the same time, our Church is becoming a missionary Church. Many go to work in other countries like Africa, the Gulf and also in rich countries for different reasons. Among the Indian Little sisters Aleyamma is in Ethiopia and Vimala went to give a hand in South Africa.

Beside the different movements within the Church, there are also many sects attracting Catholics. These Catholics find there emotional support and sometimes financial support too as well as the possibility to study the Bible.

Due to all these different forms of Christian worship and movements of evangelisation false ideas about Christians are spread by the media in local languages, sometimes resulting in persecution in certain parts of the country.

In this complex situation how can we be 'signs of the Kingdom' and give witness to the Servant Church? A priest told us 'You know, many are asking why you live the way you do? But in fact many are trying to find a way like yours!'

Wherever they are, our Communities take part in the life of the parish according to their possibilities, Where we live in Hosur it is becoming very industrialized and despite the increase in population the Church tries actively to reach out to all.