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On the river Ganges, VaranasiOn the river Ganges, Varanasi

People from other countries come to India in search of spiritual experience and some of them rediscover their original faith in Jesus. We meet so many of them in Varanasi, where they are touched by the atmosphere of 'Holy City'. We have to be available to them. Some want to offer their services to the very poor in the streets or on the bank of the Ganges like Brigitte, Patrick and Michel who come to pray in our chapel. They also like to buy our home-made bread and cakes!

The newly installed Bishop gave a new start to the diocese. The Little Sisters are happy with their first contacts with him and his first visit. He invited them to hold on to and to witness to a great reverence for the Divine Presence in the chapel as it would speak to our Hindu brethren.

A huge labour force

In our country there is a huge labour force. That's why many products are cheap compared to other countries and many multinational companies settle in the cities. Sometimes we wonder what our place is in the midst of that mass of manual workers.