News from the Communities of the Little sisters in India

Cultivating like the neighbours

Wayanad, Kerala, with local peopleWayanad, Kerala, with local people

In Wayanad, the Little sisters work hard to cultivate their bit of land like their neighbours. They grow coffee, vegetables and fruit while Deepa is employed in TUDI, an organization for the support and development of tribal people and their culture. She has to work at times in the Centre itself where tribal children are helped with their studies. At other times she goes with a co-worker to meet the families who need encouragement to follow the programs meant for improving their insertion into society and to help them become aware of their rights. They are often victims of exploitation by the farmers who employ them. It has been known for alcohol to be given instead of a salary. In remote areas women have been raped and some even murdered. Tribal people have lost most of their land but the government has reserved some limited areas and built houses for them. Deepa is very happy to be in close contact with them. Friendship is growing and some come to the our Community. They like us to visit their houses for weddings or other feasts without a special invitation. This customary simplicity makes us feel part of the group.

Wayanad, Kerala, sorting the harvestWayanad, Kerala, sorting the harvest

Contacts are good with all the people in the area, whether Hindu, Moslem or Christian. The latter belong to both the Latin and Syrian rites.

In Kammanahalli too we try to keep up the garden. Rosely also works hard in the garden in Pirappancode. Then of course all the Little sisters who are at home share the life of so many women for whom cooking and housework take up so much of their days. Leena is employed in the creche of a large factory in Hosur. Along with casual labourers she looks after the small children of the working women.