News from the Communities of the Little sisters in India

Our family house

Kammanahalli, in the garden with Manohari and KuppaKammanahalli, in the garden with Manohari and Kuppa

Our 'Family House' in Kammanahalli has a fluctuating number of Little Sisters, but it remains a 'house of welcome' for many friends or family members and the hermitage is regularly used for times of quiet prayer. Often people say that they sense peace and harmony here. The garden contributes to this with its greenery and provides us with fruit, coconuts and vegetables. Kuppa, Manohari and Chinamma from the village are daily visitors for breakfast. Several of us attend to them and Mary is happy to take back her job in the dispensary.

Christina completed her tailoring training and after getting to know the two Communities of Kerala and Hosur she is going to Varanasi. She started her Postulancy on 26th April.